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Birds Park

IMPORTANT: This tour rates are available only for those also buying a tour to the Brazilian falls (if you are staying in another hotel).

The Bird Park covers an area of 16 hectares of unspoilt subtropical forest; however, only 5 hectares are so far developed, the rest is presently kept as a conservation area. Visitors follow a path for 800 metres through the forest and past the breeding aviaries and enclosures. The path passes through some of the largest aviaries, where the birds fly free, and can be studied and photographed without the restriction of netting and cages.
The large aviaries represent different Brazilian ecosystems such as the swamp area (Pantanal aviary) and the subtropical Atlantic rain forest. Visitors are able to come into direct contact with the birds in these large aviaries.
The bird park is really an extension of the huge Iguassu National Park with the same vegetation and characteristics. Currently the Bird Park has approx. 900 birds of 160 species from South America and other continents. Brazilian birds predominate, but species from Africa, Asia and Australia are also present. A breeding programme is being developed and education, research and conservation are seen as important objectives.

Duration: approximately 2/3 hours

1. Rates are per person, including local guide assistance and park entrance fee.
2. Regular tour (minimum of 2 persons) is also available upon previous request and availability. If you are interested, please contact us.