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Paraty remais one of the country's major tourist attraction with its cobblestone streets, antique lamps and 19th century homes.

Declared a historical monument by Unesco, Paraty is a small colonial town, surrounded by forested hills.

Paraty was originally inhabited by the Guianas Indians, but in the early part of the 16th century the Portuguese started to settle here. During the years that followed, with the discovery of the gold in Minas Gerais, it gradually became a busy, important port; miners and supplies disembarked for the gold mines and gold was shipped to Europe. As a result, the small town prospered and many of the churches that can still be seen today were built at this time. There was so much wealth in Paraty that in 1711 captain Francisco do Amaral Gurgel sailed from Paraty to save Rio de Janeiro from a threatened French siege by handing over a ransom of 1000 crates of sugar, 200 head of cattle and 610,000 gold cruzados. 

However, the town´s glory was short-lived as, in the 1720s, a new road was built from Rio to Minas Gerais and thus cut Paraty off the route. It was only in the 19th century that the local economy revived with the coffee boom and today the tourist industry keeps the economy thriving.

There is a small airport in Paraty, but most people usually go by bus or car from Rio or Sao Paulo. To get there from Rio, it is about a three and half hour journey along the beautiful coast. The journey from Sao Paulo takes about five and a half hours by car, but for busy executives small charter flights from Sao Paulo can be arranged.

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General Info




The climate here is very similar to Rio. During the summer months (December - March) it can be very hot and the rains are most frequent in November, January and May. 



Casual dress during the day is fine and something casual, but smart, is appropriate for going out in the evening to the many bars or restaurants. 



110 V 



The many small boutiques of Paraty, which have a wide range of souvenirs, usually open from 10am until 10pm. 

Banks are open 10am - 4pm. 



You probably won't need a taxi in Paraty as, in the colonial part of the town, everywhere is easily accessible on foot. To get to the beaches you are more likely to choose for a boat trip or you can rent one of the small motorboats at the port. However, should you require a taxi, you can ask the reception to call one of the small taxi companies. 



The Santa Casa Hospital in Paraty should provide good medical assistance in case of emergency. Ask at the hotel reception for a list of recommended doctors.


* Merlin o Mago XXX $$$ - Rua do Comercio, 376 (Historical Centre), tel. 371-2157; 19h/1h; Closed Wed. Variety. 

The german Hado Steinbrechter, ex-critics for gastronomy expert in his own country, prepares dishes like fish fillet or squid in sauce and white wine, shrimps in butter, flambeed in cognac. 


* Hiltinho XXX $$$ - Rua Mal. Deodoro, 233 (Historical Centre), tel. 371-1432; cc: all; 12h/24h. Seafood. 

Fresh seafood and delicious sauces, Fish soup with Banana, shrimps gratines served with melon. 


* Le Gite d' Indaiatiba XXX $$$ - 15 km outside Paraty, on route BR101 (km 172); 11h/21h. French. 

Located in the Bocaina National Park, access is difficult and badly indicated. But the view and the menus of French Chef Olivier de Corta make it worthwhile: Beef Bourguingnone, Seabass in sweet and sour sauce with mango and ginger, shrimps flambeed in wine, herbs and lime sauce. 


* Punto Divino XXX $$ - Rua Mal. Deodoro, 129 (Historical Centre), tel. 371-1348; cc: D, Mc, V, 19h/1h. closed Tue. Italian. 

Traditional cuisine where you can feel that the owners and chef are Italians. 


* Refugio XXX $$ - Pca da Bandeira - (Historical Centre); cc: D, Mc, V, 11h/23h. Variety. 


* Banana da Terra XX $$ - Rua Dr. Samul Costa 198 (Historical Centre), tel. 371-1503; cc: V, 12h/24h. closed wed. Seafood. 


* Abel XX $ - Rua do Comercio, 40 (Historical Centre), tel. 371-1420; cc: all; 11h/24h. Seafood. 


* Dona Ondina XX $$ - Sea shore; Rua do Comercio, 40 (Historical Centre), tel. 371-1584; 11h/23h. Closed mon. Seafood. 

Night Life

Night Life

In Paraty, Rua do Comercio and Rua da Lapa are popular hangouts. There are a wide variety of atmospheric bars, with bands that play music to suit all tastes. Just wander the streets and you'll hear some music outside the restaurants by the canal or inside one of the many bars in the colonial district.

how to get there

The international airport in Rio de Janeiro (GIG) is situated 120km from Portobelo Hotel, 140km from Club Med and 170km from Novo Frade Hotel. Due to distances, a special guide service may appear expensive, but the smooth, relaxing service saves a lot of time and is most certainly worth the extra cost. Transfer takes about 3 hours to Angra, less to some of the hotels along the Green Coast. With guides giving an informative commentary it is a very pleasant trip.

For those who choose not to make use of this important service, other transport is available. From the airport, take the air-conditioned bus or taxi to the bus terminal from where buses leave regularly for the Green Coast. We recommend this option only if a guide accompanies you to the bus terminal.

The city

Angra dos Reis is a charming seaside town which makes an excellent base for visiting the islands around. It is also a great choice for those who like sailing.


Ilha Grande is a splendorous island with 193km square of beauty and 106 beaches, waterfalls and mountains. The old jail house of "Dois Rios" (Two Rivers) allowed the tourist exploitation to be slow and controlled, keeping nature untouched. Back that time when the jail house was still working we could usually hear that an outcast had ran away and was probably looking for a boat to help him escape to the continent. As the jail house was extinguished the number of tourists grew and with it a structure of inns, and bars to provide comfort. Of course since then we have being very careful with the island natural resources. The Abraão Village Main urban nucleons full of inns, restaurants, bars and handcraft shops. There are walking tracks through the forest that lead to the beaches, water falls, and historical monuments like the aqueduct and the old leprosarium of the Black Beach. The most famous beach is Lopes Mendes, the first one on the south extreme facing the open sea. Good for sports like surfing and windsurfing. Still on the south extreme there is the South Beach a biological reserve created during the seventies when the island became a Federal Park.


After the Brazilian coast was officially discovered by the Portuguese navigator Pedro Alvares Cabral in 1500, the Portuguese Crown sent to Brazil a naval fleet composed by three ships to draw a map and exploit the new discovered continent. The colonizers that were already impressed by the beauty of The Guanabara Bay got even more impressed afterwards. The naval fleet commanded by the Portuguese navigator Gaspar de Lemos got at the Long Island (Ilha Grande) in January 6th 1502. It was "Kings' Day" (Dia de Reis) and because of this special date the place was named "Kings' Creek" (Angra dos Reis). The constant rain and the air always hot and humid of the summer were decisive to make them stay in Angra a special moment. One of the members of the naval fleet wrote to Portugal: "Sometimes I felt the ecstasy of the flowers and trees' perfume so strong that I thought I had found paradise. And what I will say of the great number of birds, full of colors and their tunes, how many and how beautiful? I won't say more because I know you will never believe me."
The primitive village was raised by the aboriginal people, slaves and explorers sent by the Portuguese Crown. The local activities were mainly related to fishing, hunting and subsistence agriculture. In that time Ilha Grande, an immense island which is nowadays one of our most famous tourist points, abounded in wood and provided perfect places for ship-building. It used to be called “Ipaum-Guaçu” by Tamoios and Tupinambás, its original inhabitants.

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