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Diving in the Cagarras

 This fantastic route begins at the Marina da Glória (Gloria Docks), the meeting point, with boat.You will head to the Cagarras Islands where we will take a fabulous walk before diving instructions begin.

This route is both for those who never had any contact with the sea deep as for those who intend to increase the number of hours under water.

At the ideal spot for the activity, the instructor explains the rules and distributes the equipment to all participants, followed by the dive.

Characteristics of Rio´s diving points:
Average Depth: 10 meters (33 feet)
Visibility: 03 to 07 meters (10 to 23 feet)
Average Water Temperature: 22o C ( 72o F)

Duration: approximately 10 hours
Departures: under request

This tour requires a minimum of 5 participants.

Included in the package rate:
*Transportation (land and sea);
*Complete diving equipment;
*Snack aboard;
*Experienced guide and licensed instructor (PADI).

Important remarks:
1. The below mentioned rates are per person, for certified divers.
2. Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate.
3. Minimum age required: 14 years old.
4. Tips: Wear sunblock. After this activity, tourists shall wait 48 hours before flying in an airplane.
5. It may be canceled or delayed due to poor weather conditions or sudden weather changes.