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Free Gem Stone Tour

 During your visit to Rio you will have the unique opportunity to see one of the most fascinating processes in the world - the intricate steps by which a rough gemstone is transformed into a beautiful jewel. H.Stern, one of the world's major international jewelers, invites you to a work shop tour, starting with the incredible lapidary art to the polishing process and jewelry crafting. It has been H.Stern's tradition for over 50 years to offer you the opportunity to see how this work is really done. In addition, the Museum that features Mr. Stern's private collection of Tourmalines and a variety of rare gemstones can be seen on request. Taking the H.Stern Work Shop Tour couldn't be easier. Contact the H.Stern store or representative in the lobby of your hotel and ask for a free and safe transportation to our world headquarters in Ipanema. Discover the beauty and the color of the Brazilian precious stones.

1. Tour Free of Charge. Transportation, back and forth, is offered by H.Stern and doesn't oblige visitors to anything.