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Helicopter Overflight

This is the ultimate way of looking at Rio's breathtaking beauty. Don't hesitate and join us in this fabulous trip. It is eady to be combined with most any other tour we are proposing. 


Let us look at your programme and suggest one of the different Helipads for take off. 


Route: Helipad / turn around Christ / Lagoon / Ipanema / Copacabana / Sugar Loaf (left side of the aircraft) / Helipad - minimum of 2 pax, duration of 8/9 minutes. 

Other routes of 10, 12, 30 and 60 minutes are available. Please contact us. 

Other special services by request.



1. Helicopter Flight has to be taken with other tour. We will come back to you with a suggestion how to insert it best into your itinerary. 

2. The rates are per person, valid until December'2010, and with a duration of 8/9 minutes flight leaving from Sugar Loaf or Lagoon. Additional charges occur for longer trips. 

3. Transfers to/from the helipad are not included. 

4. Most itineraries leave only when load of three people participating. Therefore it is good to book in advance with us.