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Rafting in Tres Rios

Rafting can be basically described as: going down river rapids inside rafts. Depending on their sizes they can fit up to 10 passengers, which adds more fun to it.

In Brazil , rafting is divided in 02 categories: competition and leisure. In the first, everyone gets to paddle together, racing against other groups. In the second, the instructor rows alone while the group enjoys the ride. The best season for this kind of sport is from December thru March, when the summer brings lots of rain and increases the water level.

Três Rios (Three Rivers), is a town located about 175 kilometers (108 miles) northwest of Rio de Janeiro city, on highway BR 040. A 02 hour drive through beautiful mountains is all we need to get to the Fazenda Pontal Hotel, where the fun starts. The place is right on the boarder of Rio de Janeiro and Minas Gerais state (the Paraibuna river marks the boarder). Rafting in Paribuna river can take anywhere from 03 to 04 hours, depending on the water level.

Characteristics of Paraibuna River:
Extension: 178 km (111 miles)
Rafting course: 25 km (15.5 miles)
Number of rapids: 25
Rapids level: 01 to 04
Average water temperature: 22º C (70ºF)

Duration: approximately 10 hours
Departures: Monday through Sunday, under request, at 8h00.

Included: transportation Rio/Três Rios/Rio in utility vehicles, vans or buses (all air conditioned and comfortable); all you can eat breakfast and lunch (no beverages); equipment rentals (rafts,helmets, paddles & life vests); and experienced guides and instructors.

Important remarks:
1. The below mentioned rates are per person.
2. Difficulty level: Easy to Moderate.
3. Minimum age required: 12 years old.
4. Tips: Wear light clothes and comfortable shoes or sandals during the ride. Non waterproof cameras are not recommended. Don´t forget the sunblock!
5. It may be canceled or delayed due to poor weather conditions or sudden weather changes.
6. We do not provide towels, soap and shampoo for showering after the ride (passengers must bring their own).