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Itaparica Island

Visit the islands of the Baia de Todos os Santos on a schooner, stopping off for lunch at the island of Itaparica. 


The largest and fairest bay along the Brazilian coast, All Saints Bay in the state of Bahia, amazes visitors because of the large number of tropical islands with enchanting beaches and lush vegetation; great historical treasures dot the landscape: churches, forts, beautiful colonial mansions and plantation houses from the times when Brazil was still under Portuguese rule. The bay was once the largest seaport in the southern hemisphere. 


Covering no less than 1,052 km2 the bay holds 56 islands. Many rivers and streams flow into it, the main ones being the Paraguacu and the Subae. Salvador, the first capital of Brazil and the largest city in the Northeastern region lies along its rim, along with eleven other municipalities. 

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The bay was discovered on November 1st, 1501 by Americo Vespucci and it was named after that day, All Saints' Day. Over almost 500 years, All Saints Bay has witnessed the major events of Brazilian history, including the arrival of the first governor-general, Tome de Souza, to found the city of Salvador in 1549; the English invasion in 1587 and incursions by the Dutch in 1600, 1622 and 1624; the arrival of the Portuguese royal family in 1808; the war for Bahia's independence in 1822 and 1823; and, more recently, the arrival of the Queen of England, who anchored her yacht in the bay, right next to Sao Marcelo Fort, known as the Sea Fort. 


The Club Mediterannee is located on this island.

Duration: approximately 8 hours
Departures: daily at 8h00 


1. This is a regular tour, Seat-In Basis, and requires a minimun of 2 persons for departures. 

2. Rates are per person, valid until December'2010, including air-conditioned transportation, schooner cruise and lunch (without beverages).