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Mystical Bahia

It is time to learn a little about the religion brought by the slaves! You will start with a visit to the Orixás at the Dique do Tororó (Tororó Dam) where your guide will give an explanation about them, their clothing, colors and each one preferences. After getting a bit acquainted with the Orixás, you will visit the Terreiro Ilê Apo Ofonjá where Candomblé celebrations take place. Would you like to know a bit more about you, your future and your lives…? Then a visit to a Pai de Santo (Father Saint) will disclose you with the Jogo de Búzios (Ifã Game)!

Duration: approximately 4 hours
Departures: Mondays through Fridays at 9h00

The name candomble is applied to the place where the Brazilian perform their religious feasts. The candomble temple walls are made of clay and its floor of brick or comment; the initiated must dance barefooted, dragging their feet on the ground.
The spectators segregated according to sex, sit down on benches, chairs and sofas. Besides them, is the drums place, isolated by a small wall; on the other side, on a shelf, there is a statue of the house patron saint. The aim of the candomble is to propitiate the possession of the initiated by the god. Each individual is under the protection of a particular deity, but only some have the privilege of incorporating their god.

After the first 'visit' of an orixa to a person's body, this person must undergo the initiation rites. They involve seclusion for a certain period of time, the offering of periodic sacrifices, following certain rules, etc. As a result of the initiation rites, the neophyte acquires privileges as the possibility of becoming an initiator; the capacity of incorporating the god; and prestige in the religious community. The initiated one is then blessed by the Pai de Santo or Mãe de Santo, the headmasters of the candomble house.
A sacrifice is made at the beginning of all candomble rituals, accompanied by the music of the drums and songs. Each god, or orixa, has a particular invocation song and rhythm. Sacred dances are then performed by the 'Mother', the sacrificer, and senior initiated. After that, an offering is presented to Exu, the messenger god, and his permission is solicited to begin the public ceremony and to complete it without problems.
At the end of the candomble ceremony, all the incarnated orixa dressed in their ritual garments come to the room and dance, one by one, expressing their divine characteristics.
Rates are per person, including air-conditioned transportation and local guide assistance.