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Walking City Tour in Paraty

Inhabited since 1650, Paraty has remained fundamentally unaltered since its heyday as a staging post for the eighteenth-century trade in Brazilian gold, passing from Minas Gerais to Portugal. Paraty remained hidden away off the beaten track, quietly stagnating but intact. 


Nowadays, though, UNESCO considers Paraty to represent one of the world's most important examples of colonial architecture, and the entire city has been elevated to the status of a national monument. The town centre was one of Brazil's first planned urban projects, and its narrow cobbled streets, out of bounds to motorised transport are bordered by houses built around courtyards, adorned with brightly coloured flowers and alive with hummingbirds. The cobblestones of the streets are arranged in channels to drain off water and allow the sea to enter and wash the streets at high tides. 


This will be a walking tour. The guide will pick you up at your hotel in Paraty and return with you at the end of the tour. 


Duration: approximately 2h00 

Departures: Tuesdays through Sundays at 10h00


Rates are per person, including guide assistance on a walking tour and entrance fees.