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The locals can tell the difference between summer and winter but most visitors don´t notice. You have a good chance of enjoying a hot sunny day on the beach in the middle of winter


There are very few areas of Brazil that cannot be comfortably visited all year round. Generally, seasonal changes are not dramatic, the most defined being in the south.

Winter in Brazil is from June to September. Only the southern states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paraná and São Paulo get cold. A few towns even get snow!

Summer is at its height from December to February. In the south of the country, including Rio, the humidity can be very high, with temperatures reaching 40oC. The rest of the year Rio has temperatures in the 20oC or low 30oC.

The northeast is generally hot all year round, with a cool breeze that prevents it from becoming stifling. Temperatures average about 28oC.

The highlands of the interior, including Brasilia are cooler than the coastal regions with frequent rains.

Brazil has rain throughout the year. Short tropical rainstorms are most common, although more continued rain can affect the south during the winter months. Brazil's highest rainfall is in the Amazon, however, this usually takes the form of a short daily downpour.