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Airport taxes

Check with your travel agent to see if you have to pay airport tax when you leave the country. Often it´s included in your ticket.

 For International flights the airport tax is US$ 36,00.

For National flights, each city have a different tax according the airport category.

1st Category - R$ 19,62
2nd Category - R$ 15,42
3rd Category - R$ 11,58
4th Category - R$ 8,01
For example, National flights leaving from Rio, São Paulo, Salvador or Manaus charges R$ 19,62; Iguassu's airport tax is R$ 15,42.

If you take an internal connecting flight followed by an international flight you will be liable for both departure taxes. If, however, the connecting flight is international, you pay only the one tax of US$ 36,00.

These charges can either be collected from each passenger or added to the bill. It is important to take these taxes into account. Credit cards or foreign money are not accepted.