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Aroma Tourism

Aroma Tourism

Have you ever thought of “Aroma” Tours? We did.

Travelling to Brazil provides incomparable experiences to our senses. So, if you got a fine tuned sense of smell, we are able to show you very distinct and memorable spots.

In Rio, for example, the Jardim Botânico (Botanical Gardens) 2500 Plants are over the rainbow of smells. On the Farmer’s Market around the corner, 30 Tropical fruits plus 20 vegetables plus fish and meats are bound to feel like the Disney of aromas. 4 minutes away begins a Hike through an Atlantic tropical forest and we smell the earthy, fresh aroma of nature. This gives us enough appetite to visit Churrascaria Palace, with 43 cuts of meat, all straight from the grill, some on skillet carts! Carnivore heaven! (No worries for veggies, the Sushi and salad bar smells also wonderful).

Next day we head to Grumari Beach, far away from strong influences like factories, smog or city pollution. Just the sea breeze and the smell of fine sand. On the way back, Vidigal or Rocinha (or any favela), offers a funky, almost nasty mix of odours.

During a walk through the historic center, Saara (Rio’s Souk market area in Centro) we experience a potpourri of everything, from nice to foul to food to chinese electronics. We have a typical “Cafézinho” before we pass by Galeto (Chicken) restaurants with their grills right by the entrance instead of in the back kitchen, so all the customers are free to smell-all-they-want. Instead, we try the many freshly prepared juices. Marina da Gloria is very interesting for its tropical marina smell, yet not too pungent!

An incredible travel experience awaits you. It is all prepared.

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