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Food & Wine Tours

Food & Wine Tours

What have you been eating lately? Italian or french? Mingled with something exotic like thai, chinese or japanese? And what about some tapas and wine today?

What if we said that there is something missing on your menu: South American food! Not known to the most people, this region bares one of the biggest food treasures on earth.

We invite you to live a different dimension of food. From the freshest and tastiest lobsters, add to that the white sand on a deserted beach to a 4 hours slow food celebration in a Churrascaria with the finest cuts of meat and paired with memorable wines from Chile and Argentina. (Here, too, it might come as a surprise how good Brazilian white and sparkling wines are). Or live the incredible street food on exotic markets with a cold beer while observing locals laughing and singing.

Our guide will show you fruits, spices and plants at typical street markets that you never suspected they even existed.

We have assembled wonderful tours, paired with the best sightseeing but with an insight behind the curtains looking at local dishes.

Bom apetite!

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