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Brazilian colonial architecture is derived from Portugal.

Since then, without losing contact with innovators in other countries, such as Le Corbusier in France and Frank Lloyd Wright in the U.S., architecture in Brazil has evolved its own style. It now attracts worldwide attention as one of the country’s most characteristic art forms.

Of course, the best known example of modern Brazilian architecture is the new capital city of Brasília, where imagination was given full flight. The urban plan conceived by Lúcio Costa and the design of the main public buildings by architect Oscar Niemeyer have become landmarks in the realm of architecture on a massive scale.

New buildings alone cannot create beautiful and harmonious urban environments. Alongside the bold new architectural concepts, a school of landscape designers headed by Roberto Burle Marx has arisen in Brazil to balance the images of concrete and glass structures with the welcoming greenery of gardens and parks. As a result of his work in many Brazilian cities, Burle Marx has acquired an international reputation. Examples of his work are now to be found in public and private gardens and parks in the Americas and in Europe.

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