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Tourism`s last frontiers – Fernando de Noronha & Self Driving Buggies on the Beach

Tourism`s last frontiers – Fernando de Noronha & Self Driving Buggies on the Beach

The North East of Brazil – Fernando de Noronha & Jericoacoara

In our 3rd mail this year we would like to show you another of Brazil`s numerous hidden treasures you should visit.

Fernando de Noronha: Please click on the links underneath, get a snorkel and try not to be open-mouthed when seeing the underwater fauna. Yes, this is how paradise must look like.

Also, we have prepared a little video us organizing a expedition for 44 lucky incentive participants driving their buggies from Fortaleza to Jericoacoara along the beach. The video is only 1:23 min and should warm your heart in these cold days of the year.

Before that, we wish you wonderful days and a happy new year to come. If you are not one of the happy few eating lobster on the beach with us, relax and get the strength for a dynamic new year.

We wish you all the best in 2020.
Richard & the entire BIT-team


Fernando de Noronha

Most have never heard about Fernando de Noronha, yet this island before is just another of Brazil`s numerous hidden treasures. You can call this beautiful island in Brazil a little paradise. The amazing beaches, tropical landscape and world class diving resorts give you all the reasons for that.

The little archipelago is is very green and surrounded by crystal clear beaches. Praia do Sancho has been awarded among the most beautiful beaches in the world for 3 consecutive years by tripadvisor. Well deserved for this beach with whites sand and amazing turquoise water.

(Pictures top and 2 underneath: Wellington Assis. He is not a professional photographer, this place is just like this)




Episode 4: HTML Fernando de Noronha Paradise

Download PPT Fern. Noronha 4 days from 550 USD

You find fabulous pictures on


Fortaleza – Jericoacoara (Jeri)

Please enjoy this video of our Incentive Group we organized for 44 guests. But allow us to give you a friendly advice: Jericoacoara is a little village built in sand dunes. Electricity arrived here only some 25 years ago. By all means, you must work with someone that has well more experience than showing nice pictures on their website.


Video buggies along the beach on Vimeo (1:23)

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