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Our Team

Richard Director
A Swiss/Brazilian who lived and studied in Switzerland from 1969-1985. After his return to Brazil, he was executive courier for the largest incoming agency. In 1991 he founded B.I.T. Setting great store by quality and creativity, alway integrating cutting edge technology, B.I.T. became in a short time one of the leading incoming-agencies.
Salvatore Latin Markets Director
Originally from Italy, he studied in Verona to be a teacher and nutritionist. On his motorbike he traveled all over Europe and Northern Africa and took part in races. In 1986 the trails led him to Brazil where he ended up staying. After more than 24 years in the management of North Side DMC, Salvatore decided to accept a new challenge. He is now associate to B.I.T.
Lilly Office Manager
Native from Rio, Lilly began her tourism career 25 years ago. Being a calm and equilibrated yet extroverted person she soon conquered several managing positions as staff advisor, contract manager and head of operations department. She lectures Tourism at University and has degrees in alternative therapies and shiatsu.
Renata Product and Services Manager
A former Social Worker, who made Rio her hometown since 2001 after living in different parts of Brazil and spending 12 years in the UK. Renata, who also trained as a tour guide, is always out and about visiting our suppliers and looking for new and special places for our groups. She also coordinates our groups and events, so chances are you will meet her, when in town!
Luciana Administration Manager
Working at B.I.T must be good for the skin. Luciana joined the company right after university and she still looks, 15 years later, just the same. It is thanks to her that BIT is so well organized!!! Her skills are many, from Accountant to Samba Dancer…, but don´t be fooled by her big smile and angel face, she is a tough cooky when it needs to be.
Tereza Financial Manager
Native from Bahia, a state located in Brazil’s Northeast area, Tereza is a veteran at B.I.T, almost ten years of outstanding service! With a degree in accounting, Tereza plays a big part in our team. She has a sense of humor to match her commitment and a good, good heart.
Isabelle Financial Department
Isabelle is a shy but very efficient member of staff. Her attention and dedication during her Internship period at BIT took her to the finance department. She is our “sweetest” member of staff, with a great sense of humour and dedication to her job.
Simonetta Operations
Simonetta is an enthusiast by definition. Her active and motivated attitude is contagious and she is in constant pursue of getting things perfectly done. She speaks 6 languages fluently and she has the capability to switch from sophisticated to down-earth. If B.I.T has the reputation of honest & transparent, this is its face.
Italian born, came to Brazil following his love. Larger than a closet he is as kind as a puppy and almost invisible but yet so important during BIT's operations. How to avoid queuing buying tickets in advance? Mario! Who checks if all is set up for the cocktail in the forest? Mario! Separate Luggage Truck? Mario! Moto Bike Escort in place? Mario! Bus itinerary rechecked! Mario! Mario! Mario! There are two moments he is invisible even for BIT: When he is either piloting a helicopter or cruising on his Harley Davidson.
Working in Tourism since the age of 18 yo, Marcia has vast experience in operations and identifying the needs of clients. Very sociable and great team worker, Marcia loves reading, is fluent in Italian and in the office she works closely to the Latin Markets department. Living in the bohemian heart of Rio de Janeiro, she can give great tips on where to go for a drink or two!
Native from Peru, Fiorella is an imported "Carioca". Full of life and love for Brazilian music, she made Rio her home after graduating in Tourism and living in Europe for a year. Very communicative, she is fluent in French, English, Spanish and Portuguese and is one of our best Groups and Incentives Specialist.
Clara has an extensive experience in tourism. Clients who once worked with her never look any further. Her direct and forward style made her become undoubtedly one of the big characters in the trade. She won´t let us say how long she´s been in tourism…she says it’s not good for her skin!! A happy go lucky personality, Clara has travelled the world. Recently. she has started a new hobby: cooking! The good news is that she definitely won't change her job for that.
An important member of the operation´s team Vanessa holds a degree in Tourism and has 15 years experience in Congress and Events. After spending 4 months in Canada to study English, she continued attending professional courses, including IT and Web Design. She loves to travel and go out dancing the Samba, but never until late…as she braves out heavy traffic every day, coming from another town to work with us and continue providing the best service to our clients.
Carol, as we call her, studied Tourism at the University, as well as going to private School to learn English and French. With 10 years working in Tourism she has very good organizational and computer skills and is a top Incentive and Events planner in Rio.
Luana Operations Manager
Luana came to BIT 17 years ago as an Intern. Although she was still very young then, she showed ability to learn fast and soon started to go up the ladder. Whilst working for us she attended and Administration course at the University. Always showing energy and dedication she is today key to most office operations and the Manager´s right arm.

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