Some hundreds of Incentive and Special Interest Groups as well as VIP’s and Congress guests, from 2-2000 pax, we have handled over the past decade. A long list of all our clients could be shown here, but we prefer to pick out just some few, even though we did appreciate each and everyone’s visit:


We always have had a special flair for Incentive Groups. We believe that it is the Formula 1 of Tourism from which derives creative products applicable to Budget Group Travel or even FIT’s. Products off-the-beaten-track do not mean “expensive” for us, we just have to select them carefully -especially in Brazil. Some hundreds of Incentive Groups, from 8-800 pax, we have handled over the past decade. A long list of big names in industry could be shown here, but we prefer to pick out just some few, even though we did appreciate each and everyone’s visit:

TCS Touring Club, Switzerland, Task Force to support any Swiss traveller during World Cup 2014 who might get into trouble in the entire Brazilian territory
, France (120 VIP’s during the state visit in Brazil)
PEUGEOT, France (600 Pax with Gala Night in the sand of Copacabana Beach)
JOUPI, France (120 pax, 20 years Jubilee including Gala Night at Mangueira Samba School disguising whole group with Carnival Costumes and own Samba Song; Toys)
VW, Germany (car) (10 pax, wonderful trip with Car Journalists introducing the VW LUPO)
PSA – Inauguration Factory Peugeot-Citroen in Rio (all logistic and hotels for 2000 people)
ESSILOR, France (350 pax including a Cyber Café and Homepage about the Trip; optical lenses)
SIEMENS, Germany (10 pax; Team Building of Top Management)
FEU VERT, France (320 pax, 25 years Joubilee, automotive parts)
LECLERC, France (40 pax, Top Management Trip, Supermarket Chain)
BRISTOL MYERS SQUIBB, Brazil (300 pax, pharma, Convention at Rio’s Coast)
BOSCH, Germany (340 pax from 16 different countries from Europe, visiting their plant)
CONGRESS SECURITY AT WORK in São Paulo, (200 pax from Germany and Switzerland)
RENAULT, France (11 groups of 80 pax for a 3days-weekend in Rio)
MICROSOFT, France (240 pax including a Fun-Rally with sub-groups of 20 pax trough Rio and participation of the Carnival’s Parade!)
SHELL CLUB, Germany (Deluxe Programme with Grand Prix Formula 1 in São Paulo)
WEEKLY CHARTER ROTATION from Italy during the European winter season 97 was cared for with up to 270 passengers and different other organized tours.
ROCKFON, France (650 pax at the same time in Rio)
ABBOTT, Germany (16 pax with chartered flight to Buzios, buggy rally, photo contest with immediate publishing on own site)
AGF, France (40 pax with Beach BBQ on Ipanema Beach using BIT’s own infrastructure on the beach and the wonderful revival of the final France-Brazil in the sand)
ASTRA-ZENECA and VICHY COSMETICS, Turkey (240 pax and 80 pax, honorable mention for improvisation. It was a great party 🙂
HOTELPLAN Charter Cruise Flight around South America with 285 passengers.
KUONI CHARTER ROTATION Continuous operation over 5 months with 300 passengers every week in Fortaleza and Salvador
BRITISH COUNCIL CONFERENCE 600 participants debating on human rights in Brasilia
BRAZILIAN ASSOC. OF METALLURGY Congress with 800 participants in Rio
SPECIFIC INTEREST GROUPS We measure no efforts to find the right contacts and visits being them singers, architects, agricultural, business groups or whatever Brazil has a relation with.
MAISADOUR, France, 70 pax, agro-technical group
DANONE INTERNATIONAL, 350 pax for a convention in Rio, Convention, several times repeated due to success
PORSCHE, Austria, several Volkswagen groups due to success of operation
INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON THE PHYSICS OF SEMICONDUCTORS, 1000 pax in Rio, with pre and post tours around Brazil, including 3 Nobel Prize Winners

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