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According to the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2015© of the World Economic Forum, Brazil is largely number 1 in Natural Resources and 8th for its Cultural Resources. On the other hand
, among 141 analyzed countries in the world, Ground and Port Infrastructure in Brazil ranks 130th, restrictive business environment 126th, high taxation 135th and Prioritization of Travel & Tourism 101st, just to name a few difficulties.

The question is: How can you experience these natural marvels of the world, a very successful Congress or an unforgettable Incentive trip, despite these barriers in Brazil?
There is a simple solution: You just need us! B.I.T – A top Brazilian DMC with Swiss-Brazilian management, specialized in dealing with and overcoming these hurdles for the last 24 years.

Contact us and enjoy the Caipirinha! We will take care of the rest.


B.I.T runs an online flight booking tool to support our guests with local flights. This may sound obvious but burocracy and technical difficulties (most local airlines cannot be booked on GDS) make it hard to book domestic flights in Brazil. We offer simple and quick solutions on all domestic airlines, broading the range of choices significantly.
We can bring our mobile “flight centre” to congress and event desks, too.


Many satisfied clients asked us to carry out the entire operation in all of South America, being their only contact point without wasting time. Over years now we have gathered experience and created joined ventures in most hubs to deliver what you expect from us: First quality at a competitive prices.


We know the complexity of doing business in Brazil. Our open book policy guarantees full transparency and makes you feel at ease. B.I.T. is proud to be a financially stable company and our annual growth has been constant.
Our managers are especially motivated as they have participation in the company, our experienced staff maintains a long-lasting relations with key suppliers in order to guarantee seamless operations.


Bank transactions in Brazil are complex: Credit Cards charge about 5%; the currency is not freely convertible; Brazil has the highest interest rates in the world and wires are complicated and taxed – we have the knowledge of fiscal and international financial transactions.
Brazilians work hard and get it done at the end, but you must understand their particular pace: Things tend to get done at the last minute and only a good local knowledge can help you to understand when the situation is getting critical.


Receive quick proposals in PDF, PPT or HTML, and even a video, making your life easier and helping you to win the pitch. We also offer a unique Brazilian music CD which can be personalized. A great marketing tool and true differential to be used as a teaser, invitation or room gift.


Certainly, there is the assumption that you will get better rates or some kind of commission yourself. Or, you might feel that you want to be in direct contact with each element of the program, even if it does involve extra work.
However, Brazil is a complex destination. Many people believe they understand it easily enough, assuming Brazilians look and act like Westerners. But this is deceptive: cultural gaps are deeper than you might first notice; attachement to schedules and quality are different and in some cases English is not well spoken, even in the hotel industry.
In more than 20 years BIT has developed a strong relationship with the local hotels which can often mean better rates & communication. This can also mean greater flexibility in holding on dates – a real bonus for large groups who need time to fix a date.
Also, we know who the right contact is for each element of your group’s hotel stay, whether it’s concierge, banqueting or hotel services. You can get answers to queries and requests quickly.
Being one point of contact for accommodation, program elements and land transport, saves you precious time and gives you local knowledge of the hotel and how it fits with the rest of your incentive program at no extra costs – guaranteed!

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